Ningkuk, The Tradition of The Missing South Sumatra Bachelors Girls is Eroded By Time But Still Missed

27 Januari 2020
Penulis [OKI-South Sumatra] - Ningkuk is the most awaited traditional event and is loved by young teenagers in South Sumatra, especially in Lingkis Hamlet, Jejawi District, Ogan Komering Ilir Regency.

The tradition is a traditional procession where people interact and the introduction of adolescents or young people. Usually held specifically or following the party celebration in the village.

Ningkuk is usually held during the dissolution of the marriage committee. Or usually also in weekly evening events held at home young men or women who have a celebration.

Unfortunately this tradition is never found again today. This media search was last carried out in Dusun Lingkis around 1998.

Because it had been stopped long enough, the Ningkuk tradition would only be recognized by teenagers in the 90s and above.

A number of Lingkis community leaders, when met, expressed concern with the shift and disappearance of the tradition which was considered positive. His position is now replaced by modern music in the form of an orgenan (elctone music).

Ningkuk tradition has positive values ​​because it involves many people. All groups can be involved. Be more participatory and become a place to bring young people directly in front of many people.

Later they can get their match from the tradition procession. Especially at that time, the momentum of such meetings was rarely by the busy lives of young people who were generally nomads. Plus at that time telecommunications equipment did not exist as it is today.

"Personally I consider Ningkuk's activities to be very positive. Contains the values ​​of family and togetherness. Connecting with fellow citizens. It's a shame that no longer the current generation knows," said Mr. Burhan, who is more familiarly called Serebo, when met at his residence recently.

Ningkuk is simply described where teenagers gather in a circle and are accompanied by music.

Young couples will drape each other's scarves. What if the music stops and the scarf is still in the hands of young men or women, it will be subject to some sort of punishment.

The young man or woman is 'punished' by a judge who was appointed together at the event.

Sentences given by judges vary. The point can be entertaining. Among other things by singing, rhymes.

Ningkuk in his day was very popular. At that time young people meet and not infrequently get to the level of marriage.

Nowadays, those who are above 40 years old are from Lingkis who are sure to have felt the sensation ...... (Mrf).

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